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Celebrating Student Excellence 2014

"Sparking the Genius"

Monday, April 28, 2014
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
James Weldon Johnson Auditorium

The Occasion

Aristotle once observed that excellence results from "habituated action." In other words, no single achievement by any single human being is excellent in and of itself. True excellence, Aristotle observes, results when individuals habitually and repeatedly perform brilliantly at tasks they attempt. It is through this habitual practice of excellence that we achieve greatness, and greatness is what Coppin students, faculty, staff, and alumni seek to achieve on a daily basis.

This evening, we pause during Coppin State University's 114th year of operation to spotlight the exceptional accomplishments of students from this fantastic learning community. It is our hope that you would ponder and value the context from which Coppin student achievement emerges, as many of these scholars are parents and grandparents who work full-time jobs while attending school on a full-time basis. But yet, as Eagles, they soar to heights unimaginable with power and determination.

To the honorees, we salute you, for you truly inspire us to aspire to be great.